Q&A with Long Beach Lodge Resort, Canada

In the second of our series of getting to know our featured resorts, we got in touch with Samantha from Long Beach Lodge Resort to find out a bit more about this amazing, natural spot on Vancouver Island, Canada.

How long have you been operating in the area?

Since April 2002

Are many of your guests surfers?

Yes long time surfers and first time surfers!

LBLR_Surfers-300x200 Q&A with Long Beach Lodge Resort, Canada

What do you do to accommodate the special requirements of surfers, like board storage, local shops for surf gear, travel to local spots?

We are on the best surf beach in Tofino so we are able to provide our guests the convenience of having their room walking distance from the surf. We have board storage lockers for guests close to the beach and then we have the Surf Club Adventure Centre – it is a one-of-a-kind facility, a first in Canada. This facility offers professional, customized surf and stand up paddleboard instruction, full equipment rentals and spa-like amenities including an outdoor hot pool, sauna, showers and change rooms.

What are the best months of the year to visit for surfing?

Year round we have surf-able waves but the best month and the month we call surf month in Tofino is October

LBLR_Surf_Sunset-300x225 Q&A with Long Beach Lodge Resort, Canada

What can the rest of the family or a partner do while a guest is surfing? (Spa, local attractions, etc.)

We have masseuses in the area for in-room treatments, we have a full service restaurant, hot tub and sauna on site, and lots of local attractions, activities, and shops and galleries.

How does your resort fit in with and contribute to the surfing community and local community?

Tofino is a surf town and surf community even though we don’t all surf. For guests and locals that don’t surf we love being a part of the surf community and culture. LBLR donates to a couple local organizations that take care of our ocean and marine wildlife, beach cleanups regularly, and supporting the surf competitions both locally organized and internationally.

(The local organizations are: Raincoast Education Society and the Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society. The competitions include the Rip Curl Pro Tofino, Queen of the Peak,

LBLR_View_from_Sea-300x199 Q&A with Long Beach Lodge Resort, Canada



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