Q&A with Hotel Camino Real Zaashila, Mexico

In the latest of our blog series getting to know the resorts better, we got in touch with Erika from Hotel Camino Real Zaashila to find out more about this awesome resort on the Mexican mainland.

How long have you been operating in the area?

The hotel was designed by the Mexican architect Javier Sordo Madaleno, who is one of the most celebrated architects in the world, 21 years ago and the hotel first opened its door in 1994.

HCRZ_Rooms_with_pool-200x300 Q&A with Hotel Camino Real Zaashila, Mexico

Are many of your guests surfers?

We do have many guests that are surfers, because of the quality and service they are able to find.

What do you do to accommodate the special requirements of surfers, like board storage, local shops for surf gear, travel to local spots?

The hotel does not have an specific room for the boards but we can keep them on the storage room for bags. There are 2 stores for surfers, one in downtown “La Crucecita” and the other one in Puerto Escondido, but they only haves the essentials (some clothes and specific articles).

What are the best months of the year to visit for surfing?

From January up to June.

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What can the rest of the family or a partner do while a guest is surfing? (Spa, local attractions, etc.)

I could mention over 100 activities to do, so here are some highlights:
1. They will find great Spa’s in the destination and also a cabana for massages in the hotel. Most of them have a beautiful view of the sea.
2. Playing tennis on the hotel court (free to use for guests)
3. Beach activities such volleyball, football, waterpolo, etc.
4. Water sports such as: banana, snorkeling, kayaking, etc.
5. Tour trough the coffee plantations nearby
6. Tour of the 7 bays, a boat ride through the bays in Huatulco
7. Shopping at Downtown
8. Tasting different kinds of mezcales (typical beverage of the region)
9. Visiting a butterfly protection area
10. Water rafting

How does your hotel/resort fit in with and contribute to the surfing community and local community?

We support the local community by buying local artcraft and materials for the hotel and as amenities for our guests.

We also have a concert once a month, in conjunction with a local organization, who invite artists and we lend our garden. Admission is free and we try to incentivize the culture in the local community.

Anything else?

There are good beaches for surfers in Huatulco and we are only 30 mins from Puerto Escondido. The food on the beaches is great – it is fresh and very cheap!

HCRZ_Beach_club_pool-300x200 Q&A with Hotel Camino Real Zaashila, Mexico


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