Q&A with Villa Montaña Beach Resort, Puerto Rico

Here at surftrip.guru, we want to make it as easy as possible to find the right hotel or resort for your surf trips, so we reached out to a few friends to find out a bit more and to give you a better feel for the place and the people behind it.

The first is the Villa Montaña Beach Resort, Puerto Rico, and we want to thank Yhasmina for answering a few of our questions. Enjoy!


Northern Europe Point Breaks

If you are looking for a point breaks in Europe then you will probably already know that from the North Coast of Cornwall all the way down to SW Coast of France there are limited options. As a surfer who tires of the endless work out when going against a heavy beach break, only to be presented with an unrewarding short ride before your back in the white water fight zone, I find point breaks offer a significantly more enjoyable surfing experience. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the thrill of an occasional heavy beach break, but that more generally points suit my style far better.


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