A description of my perfect day

small16 A description of my perfect dayI’m up early in the morning when the light is turning from darkness into morning. I’m aiming to get into the water just as the cracks of light begin to pour into the emerging day. Preferably, I’m in a country with warm water and air, although this isn’t essential to my enjoyment. The sun is just beginning to peak over the horizon or over a far away hill or mountain.

You can smell the salt in the air that has been created by the hanging water vapor from the booming surf. The air is fresh, yet thick with the smell of the sea, sand and the reef all merged into one collective clean, yet pungent smell. The smell is intoxicating and always different where ever you are in the world. It is specific to that beach, like a signature and always acts as a reminder of a previous experience that you have had there if you are returning to the same spot.


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